Why Bucci won Calgary SAM Awards

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April 27, 2012

Why Bucci won Calgary SAM Awards

Recently Bucci Living was given the honour of “Multi-Family Builder of the Year” and “Best New Design up to 799 square feet” at the Canadian Housing Builders’ Association’s annual SAM Awards Gala. This event celebrates the most innovative and professional work in the Calgary home building industry. This year the CHBA received 745 entries. Vice President of Development Mike Bucci shares his thoughts on what it takes to stand out in a competitive market.

1) How did Bucci lead ahead of other competitors in the categories won?

“The ‘A’ Plan for NEXT> in Bridgeland, which won the best design under 799 square feet award, has been our most popular home.  The design by NORR Architects is incredibly efficient and packs so much livability into a one-bedroom with emphasis on the kitchen for living and entertaining and storage.The SAM award for Multi-Family Builder of the Year is different in that it judges a developer across the entire spectrum of real estate.  For more than 40 years our family has never made a real estate decision without considering the impact on our customers, the very people who keep us in business.We believe that it’s a consistent delivery of quality and value to our homeowners that allowed us to stand out from the competition.”

2) Has Bucci won any other awards in this category before or is this a first?

“Over the years we have been recognized with a number of awards including: Mutli-Family Builder of the Year, 2008; and 2010 Alberta Award of Excellence for Multi-Family Concrete Apartment.Other SAM Awards were: 2009 Best Apartment Style Condo: Concrete/Steel, 2008 Best New Design – X5 Plan, 2008 Best New Design – X2 Plan, 2008 Best Apartment Style Condo: Concrete/Steel.”

3) What should a home buyer look for a in new home today? What is more important: quality or aesthetics?

“First and foremost is a quality location. Generally everyone starts with where they want to live and this is why we focus on locations that customers tell us they want to own in.Secondly, builder track record and reputation. This wasn’t nearly as important even a few years ago but today’s customer is so incredibly smart and demanding of quality that they seek developers they know will deliver.Finally, finishes are what get people excited because they are the tangible elements that you live with every day. In creating a sustainable development that balances price, location and finishes we always endeavor to deliver a level of quality where the value exceeds the price.”

4) Does receiving these awards motivate Bucci Living to strive higher?

“We view the SAM awards as recognition from our industry peers for exemplary work.  However, we have been in this industry for more than 40 years and our name is our brand. Our corporate motivation remains unchanged: build a reputation as the premiere multi-family builder.  Chasing awards just for the sake of awards would not be in keeping with our philosophy.”

5) How will winning these awards impact decisions Bucci Living makes on future developments?

Our industry is constantly evolving and letting an award influence your decision making would be like driving with the rearview mirror.We need to recognize that demographics shift and the move down buyer is becoming a major component of the buying public.  We will meet their unique needs of this dynamic generation by providing more storage, more parking, bigger units, and services like a concierge to maintain the home and receive mail while the owner is away.Perhaps there will one day be a SAM for ‘Best Downsizer Plan’.  We also need to recognize the importance of the environment and sustainability in community design. We plan to one day see a “green” award.”

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