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Innovative & Sustainable by Design

We focus primarily on infill development due to our belief that a robust and interconnected urban fabric fosters social well-being for both individuals and communities. Sustainability is inherent in this type of development, emphasizing walkability and accessibility to public services including transit, and making use of the existing infrastructure.

We also believe we have a meaningful role to play in addressing the ongoing housing crisis and understand that housing availability is intricately linked to broader challenges facing urban society today. We are keenly aware that the choices we make today will have an enduring impact on the communities we serve for generations to come. This awareness has always been at the heart of our mission as a company.

"We build homes our children will be proud of."

- Fred Bucci

Environmental Responsibility

We strive to minimize our environmental impact by reducing waste, conserving energy, and adopting sustainable materials and practices whenever feasible.

Over the years, we have participated in various programs, often taking a leading role in the markets where we operate. For instance, we served as one of the pilot residential development partners for the Built Green Program and recently achieved a milestone, completing the first LEED Platinum midrise residential development in the Calgary region.

Our primary focus is on what aligns best with the unique attributes of each project. The inherent tensions that arise from the competing priorities of responsible development help us arrive at best in class solutions for each project. We are committed to continually learning and challenging ourselves to build better buildings, all around.

Social Responsibility

We believe that creating vibrant and sustainable communities is essential to our success. We engage with local stakeholders to identify their needs and concerns and strive for developments that support the community today and in the future. We also prioritize creating safe, inclusive, and accessible communities that encourage social cohesion and diversity.


We are committed to operating with integrity and transparency both internally and across the industry, welcoming collaboration and the exchange of best practices. We prioritize ethical decision-making, accountability, and compliance with laws and regulations. We aim to create a culture built on trust and respect for our employees, partners, and customers.
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Bucci has a track record of delivering high-quality projects that meet the needs of our clients and enhance the communities they serve.

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