Noise from Construction: Frequently Asked Questions

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May 30, 2020

Noise from Construction: Frequently Asked Questions

We understand that construction noise can be chaotic and noisy, but to make the process a bit easier for everyone, we’ve compiled a list of the most frequently asked question we receive from those looking to live in Radius.

Will I hear the construction of Dominion while living in Radius?

Although we don’t want to make promises that you won’t hear any noise, we can tell you it is limited. Our Sales Centre at Radius is on the main floor and we have never had a conversation interrupted by the construction at Dominion. Don’t believe us? Come down to the sales center and see for yourself!*

Plus, those who are interested in infrastructure (like we are) get the added benefit of seeing a development constructed right before their eyes.

What features does Radius have in place to limit construction noise?

Our Radius building is a concrete constructed which means noise (internal and external) doesn’t travel as fast as a wood-framed development.

Additionally, the Radius building is air-conditioned and every unit has its own HRV (Heat Recovery System – learn more here) providing fresh air to your unit. Meaning you can keep the windows closed limiting outdoor noise and still have fresh air in your unit.

And finally, our LEED Platinum certification also ensures our building standards are measured to strict standards – which trickle down into maintaining your quality of life. A LEED-certified Home under the LEED for Homes undergoes a technically rigorous process, including the incorporation of green strategies to achieve efficiency and healthy indoor environments. The sound design and operation of the home are tested and measured using tools like energy modeling and onsite inspections and testing such as airtightness testing.

What times can I expect noise?

The City of Calgary has very specific guidelines noted under their municipal bylaws that regulate working hours in neighborhoods such as this. Monday to Friday our teams will start around 7:00 am and will wrap up for the day around 4:30 pm. Some days we may work longer to accommodate exceptional items such as a long concrete pour, and we will never leave the site unsafe for the public. We do work Saturdays and again those hours will conform to the city’s bylaw, being after 7:30 am. Typically we do not work past noon on Saturday and rarely work Sundays. For those who are curious, Sunday hours do not commence until 9:00 am.

What if I want fresh air doing working times?

Although your unit has its own HRV system providing fresh air to your unit, we understand that you want to enjoy the nice weather we get in Calgary. Our residents have exclusive access to the West facing rooftop patio offering gorgeous views of downtown and the surrounding community. Combined with ample seating, a 10-ft dual-sided fireplace as well as an outdoor kitchen/barbeque station you can enjoy fresh air without leaving Radius.

How long will the construction noise last?

We are happy to announce that the excavation work was completed in October 2019. We know excavation work is loud, disruptive, and dirty – but the next phase of Dominion should be significantly less intrusive to our neighbors around the site.

As Dominion is another concrete constructed development, our next phase results in significant concrete pour which can also be a bit loud. This is expected to be completed late fall of 2020.

Who should I contact with construction related questions or concerns?

Our site team or the Radius Sales Centre is always available to discuss the activities of the site. We all love what we do and don’t miss an opportunity to explain what’s going on.*

Alternatively, we can be reached at our construction office by phone at (403) 283-5373 or you can email us at If you are directed to a voicemail someone from our team will return your call within 48 hours.

*Please note that we take the health and safety of our staff and residents seriously. Due to COVID-19 concerns, we recommend reaching our construction office via phone, email, or book an appointment with a team member. As soon as restrictions have been lifted, we are more than happy to see you in person. Thank you for your cooperation.

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