More News About Leaky Calgary Condos

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September 14, 2012

More News About Leaky Calgary Condos

Lots of talk this week about leaky Calgary condos. Thanks CBC for the good coverage.

At Bucci Developments we are very proud of the lessons we learned in Vancouver many moons ago and the expertise we bring to our Calgary condo projects: NEXT in Bridgeland and Tribeca in Mission.

Our building envelope engineers are top notch. One of them just said the following to me:

"I do recommend Bucci projects to people who ask. Lots of crap out there. Bucci buildings are a level above the rest."

We're proud of his recommendation.

We also love to share the details about how we build to a higher standard. Don't hesitate to ask us:

Coincidentally, we took this video last week of the exterior being applied to the NEXT Condos with some explanation of how we create a rain screen. VIDEO of Rainscreen Assembly During Exterior Construction - NEXT Condos Bridgeland

You can also check out this May 2012 video interview, on the site of NEXT Condos in Bridgeland, with one of our building envelope engineers. VIDEO: Interview with Building Envelope Engineer

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