Bucci Proud To Have Choosen Chandos Construction

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December 18, 2012

Bucci Proud To Have Choosen Chandos Construction

Mike Bucci, VP of Development, doesn't take any decision lightly so you can imagine just how much effort he puts into choosing the construction contractor for any one of our developments.

For Tribeca in Mission, Chandos Construction was awarded the job to not only construct our full Show Suite and Sales Centre but the much bigger task of constructing the 82 homes that would eventually be built across the street.

We're glad to be working with a leading edge group that embraces our dedication to "Built Green" standards and our approach to innovative building ideas and technology.

Here's the link to an article in the Calgary Herald that talks about Chandos' growth in Calgary:

Chandos Builds on Growth - Calgary Herald October 18, 2012

Also check them out at www.chandos.com

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